NEAT Disability Equipment Center

Assistive technology to make your life easier and safer

The Equipment Restoration Center (ERC) has a large inventory of gently used durable medical equipment. It is where you can:



  • Purchase restored equipment (walkers, canes, shower benches, wheelchairs, scooters, and much more)
  • Save 50% to 80% of the cost of the same item when new
  • Donate equipment to benefit people with limited or no insurance coverage; or in need of a “spare” wheelchair
  • Call to arrange for free pick up of your equipment, its tax deductible!
  • Purchase pediatric equipment and pediatric equipment not coverered under the NEAT | B-3 agreement.
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The NEAT Center at Oak Hill is also a recognized provider with the Connecticut State Birth to Three System to provide reutilized equipment and services for children ages three and under.

For more information on assistive technologies for Birth to Three and how to login to our B-3 provider page, please contact: Jennifer Baker at (860) 286-3102 or email:

For information on available equipment, please contact: Donald Hoerman at (860) 286-3106 or email:




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If you need assistance, contact an AT specialist to setup an appointment by calling (860) 243-2869; or toll free in CT (866) 526-4492 or email: