NEAT Assistive Technology Evaluations

Convenient and Thorough

NEAT's expert staff helps schools, employers, caregivers and disability professionals  determine how assistive technology may help an individual succeed in school, at work or at home. Evaluations or Consultations can be conducted here at the NEAT Center or your location.  

Assistive Technology for learning and everyday independence

Augmentative Alternative Communication (specific)

Technology for people with Low Vision/Blindness

Unique Benefits of our Evaluations or Consultations

  • For individuals of all ages
  • Adapted Computer Access Assessments
  • Access Assessments/Environmental Controls
  • Information on Potential Funding Sources
  • Assistive Technology Training and Follow-Up
  • Integrating Technology into IEPs (specific)
  • Services are available in English or Spanish
  • Quiet, Private Environment Convenient, Central Location
  • Fully Accessible Building

Assistive Technology

Getting Started

Not sure which one you need? Call our professional staff for assistance in choosing an Evaluation or a Consultation.

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Professional assistive technology evaluations for school age children and adults performed by our highly qualified staff. NEAT Evaluation Services include assistive technology evaluations to determine the assistive technology needs of the individual with disabilities.

An evaluation will provide the PPT or service team with a written report and recommendations regarding the assistive technology that will meet the needs of the person. Evaluations are based on a review of records, intake form, conversations with educators, support staff, clinicians, family and the individual, observations, trial with the device and/or programs, and follow-up conversations.

To begin the process, download the appropriate intake form and return it to NEAT.

Assistive Technology Evaluation Request

Blind/Low Vision Technology Evaluation Request

Alternative Augmentative Communication Evaluation Request


Let the AT specialists at NEAT assist you in addressing the AT needs of the individual with disabilities. Our consultation services: help your teams to develop a framework for considering AT; conduct assistive technology trials; examine outcomes of trials and incorporate AT into the IEP or support plan; equip educators and/or teams with the knowledge and skills to address the AT needs of the individual.

Consultations typically last 1-2 hours and do not yield written reports or written recommendations for use at a PPT or support team. In the case that you have needs beyond a two-hour meeting, require a formal written report, or need written reports/recommendations, we will only be able to address these with a full evaluation.

To begin the process, download the appropriate intake form and forward it to NEAT.

Assistive Technology Consultation Request

Blind/Low Vision Technology Consultation Request

Alternative Augmentative Communication Consultation Request

Assistive Technology Training Also Available

The NEAT Center at Oak Hill provides professional development in the area of assistive technology with opportunities to earn contact hours for conversion to CEU's. We provide school-based training and technical assistance.