Deaf and Hearing Impaired Services at NEAT

Our Programs

The NEAT Center offers deaf and hearing impaired individuals a range of assistive technology devices for hearing through our equipment resources center. At NEAT, those individuals, as well as their families, employers and caregivers, can learn how to use these devices effectively in the home and in the workplace for independent living.

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Computer training, with specific attention paid to audio, sound and hearing features, is available for both children and adults focused on improving their skills in the classroom and the workplace.


Work Site Assessments

Workplace assessments for deaf and hearing impaired employees are conducted through the American School for the Deaf.


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Please call (860) 243-2869; toll free at (866) 526-4492; (860) 286-3113 TTY or email at


Other Deafness-Related Services

The NEAT Center offers a number of other services to help deaf and hearing impaired individuals.