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Vision, Mission & Core Values

Vision, Mission, Core Values

Oak Hill’s Vision for People With Disabilities

Oak Hill’s vision is that people with disabilities will be able to achieve their full potential, engage in their community and meaningful relationships, and fulfill their physical, intellectual, emotional, economic, social, and spiritual needs.

Oak Hill’s Vision for the Organization

Oak Hill will become and will be recognized as Connecticut’s go-to resource and partner for providing high quality, individualized, culturally responsive care for people with disabilities.

Oak Hill’s Mission

Oak Hill sets the standard, partnering with people with disabilities, to provide services and solutions promoting independence, education, health and dignity.

Oak Hill’s Definition of Disability

Oak Hill defines “disability” as any physical, intellectual, social, emotional, behavioral, neurological, or other condition that limits or interferes with “typical” functioning.

Oak Hill achieves its vision and mission through this operating framework

  • Quality: Oak Hill sets the standard in quality service delivery and innovation.
  • Choice: Oak Hill offers people with disabilities an expanding continuum of choices whenever possible, recognizing their individual preferences and needs.
  • Advocacy: Oak Hill is a leader in advocacy for and with people with disabilities.
  • Engagement: Oak Hill strongly encourages and facilitates family and community involvement, education, and advocacy, to help people with disabilities achieve positive outcomes.
  • Learning: Oak Hill supports ongoing education and skill development for both our staff and our program participants.
  • Embracing Change: Oak Hill anticipates emerging trends and proactively changes and introduces programs to meet the changing needs of the people we serve and of the communities in which they live.
  • Analysis: Oak Hill is committed to data-based decision-making to drive continuous improvement and advance mission.
  • Economic Impact: Oak Hill actively contributes to the economic development of the communities in which it operates by employing area residents and supporting area businesses wherever possible.

Oak Hill’s actions, policies, and day-to-day decisions are guided by these core values

  • Responsibility: The people we serve are the center of all we do and we continually seek ways to help them develop their potential.
  • Integrity: We hold ourselves and our programs to the highest ethical standards.
  • Diversity: We seek staff and board members with diverse skills, perspectives, and cultural backgrounds and who demonstrate respect and cultural sensitivity toward each other and the people we serve.
  • Partnership: We maximize quality when we work in collaboration with families, donors, payors, other providers, and the communities in which we operate.
  • Excellence: We expect quality and professionalism in all of our programs and activities.
  • Fiscal Stewardship: We manage our financial, human, and technological resources prudently to provide high quality, sustainable services that meet immediate and future needs and support long-term fulfillment of our mission.
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Oak Hill sets the standard, partnering with people with disabilities, to provide services and solutions promoting independence, education, health and dignity.