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Oak Hill continuously seeks professionals with skills in healthcare, training, caregiving and special education.

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Oak Hill Invests in Its Employees

We provide comprehensive and on-going training on caring for people with multiple disabilities. Employment opportunities vary from working directly with children and adults with disabilities to administrative and supervisory positions within the organization’s 11 distinct programs. Oak Hill is statewide with 120 program sites throughout Connecticut.

Oak Hill employees form a highly-skilled and caring team. They are required to train regularly and maintain their training annually in these areas:

  • Physical and Psychological Management
  • Human Rights and Prevention of Abuse
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Infection Control
  • Back Safety

All training is held on Oak Hill’s main campus at 120 Holcomb Street, Hartford.

We support equality for and advancement of all people, based on their qualifications and actions alone, without regard to color, gender, age, religion, national origin or disability. An Equal Opportunity Employer.

Maintaining and enhancing the professional development of staff who work with people with disabilities and raising the awareness of the community about living and working with people with disabilities.

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Oak Hill sets the standard, partnering with people with disabilities, to provide services and solutions promoting independence, education, health and dignity.