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Birth-to-Three Services

NEAT is proud to contract with the Connecticut Birth to Three System; assisting providers with adaptive equipment loans and information about assistive technology options.  All qualified Birth to Three provider agencies are given a NEAT membership.  Thanks to the Office of Early Childhood and the State of Connecticut Birth to Three System, these services are provided at no cost to the provider.
This membership offers providers the following: 

Equipment Loans

As a Birth to Three Provider Agency you have access to the Birth to Three Adaptive Equipment Inventory, managed by NEAT’s Equipment Restoration Center (ERC)

NEAT Lending Library

Free access to a loan library of developmental toys, capability switches and mid to high-tech communication systems.  Providers can borrow these assistive technologies to promote learning, expand language, and increase or master specific skills.  We provide a range of toys to meet the various needs of children.  It also gives providers and families an opportunity to try specific items before making a purchase.

Do you, or someone you know want to get involved in supporting NEAT’s ability to provide these accessible toys and technologies?

We could certainly use help to make sure this loan library is full of exciting, engaging and educational toys to help children develop critical skills. Visit our Amazon Wish List to make a donation today.

Purchasing Assistance

Exclusive phone, e-mail, or video conferencing access to information and resources from our assistive technology staff regarding the selection of appropriate and cost-effective devices.

Professional Development

Exclusive Birth to Three seats at NEAT seminars.

AT Resource Informational Flyers

Discount on Services

As a NEAT member, you are eligible for discounts on services. 

For Parents

NEAT does not provide direct birth to three services to families. If you are a parent of a child age birth to three, and would like more information on Birth to Three Services, call the state's information line at 211 or (800) 505-7000, or visit www.birth23.org.


NEAT Assistive Technology Services available to Birth to Three Providers at no charge

Click here to download

NEAT Service


Purchasing Assistance

NEAT Lending Library

Short Term Loans

B23 Inventory

Long Term Loans of Assistive Technology Devices



AT Inquiries


iPads for Communication

Adaptive Equipment

Service Description

Exclusive phone, e-mail, or video conferencing available to access information and resources from our assistive technology staff regarding the selection of appropriate and cost-effective devices.

Free Access to the AT Lending Library includes (but not limited to): switches, adapted toys and communication devices (non-iPad) and so much more!

Free access to the Birth to Three Adaptive Equipment Inventory, managed by NEAT’s Equipment Restoration Center (ERC). Both iPads (dedicated) for communication purposes as well as adaptive equipment are available for loan.


NEAT also partners with third party vendors (e.g., Rifton) who provide trial periods of their equipment for a specific loan period.

Point of contact



Forms required

Contact NEAT

No forms necessary

Contact NEAT or download the

NEAT Lending Library Loan Form

Contact NEAT or download the following forms

Long Term Loans

Birth to Three Loan Agreement Form (3-14)

Trial of Vendor Equipment

Birth to Three Loan Agreement Form (3-13)


These forms, as well as the Birth to Three Procedure on Assistive Technology, can be found at the CT Birth to Three website.



You will NOT need to submit CT. Birth to Three Form 3-11 to NEAT

You will submit Form 3-11 to the CT. Birth to Three System when seeking reimbursement for assistive technology

Refer to CT. Birth to Three Assistive Technology Procedure

Ethan's Story

Ethan is over a year and a half old and is a typical toddler and he enjoys playing with his toys. However, Ethan has spinal muscular atrophy (SMA, type 1) and his body has almost no movement of its own. Due to difficulty swallowing, Ethan is fed through a G-tube. He receives services from the Birth to Three Program.

Ethan no longer feels frustrated by not being able to play with his toys. He just received a micro-lite switch and for the first time was able to turn his toy on and make it go by himself and this makes him very happy.

His mother, Kelly, was so excited she was almost in tears. It brings her a lot of joy to see her son so happy and playing like other children.

He loves to feel independent. SMA is not easy, but we love Ethan so very much and everything we do and go through is so worth it. He is the greatest and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world."

— Kelly Takacs, parent of Ethan, (Fairfield, Connecticut)

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