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Businesses and Employers

Hiring People with Disabilities is a Win/Win.

How We Can Help Your Business

people sitting at a tableBusinesses and employers who have disabled employees or who are looking to hire disabled employees benefit from working with Oak Hill. Over 70% of all adults with intellectual, developmental and/or physical disabilities are unemployed. By teaching these individuals and area employers effective ways of working together, we are filling an important need.

Oak Hill provides partner businesses with supervision, vocational training, works site evaluations and recommendations for assistive technology and adaptive equipment. We believe that people with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities bring value to the workplace and so do our employers who tell us Oak Hill workers are:

  • Hardworking, trustworthy and efficient
  • Cost effective, reducing recruitment, training and supervisory costs
  • Highly productive, with low absentee rates and above average safety records
  • An incentive for other employees to work harder and be more productive

Programs for Businesses and Employers

  1. Oak Hill’s Vocational program for people who are blind or visually impaired: provides help for adults who are blind and visually impaired find employment; computer training and assistive technology; interview skills and job readiness; work site evaluations and adaptive equipment consultations. Established in January 2006 from a generous donation from the Gibney Family Foundation and Eleanor A. Brooks; this program is filling an important need in the community.
  2. Oak Hill Day Services: provides work and volunteer opportunities for adults with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities; supervised employment training in the community is designed to maximize their potential, increase their level of independence and enhance their self-esteem. Competent and committed staff provide support and expectations needed for participants to lead dignified and fulfilling lives and is based on an individual's abilities and interests.
  3. The NEAT Center at Oak Hill: provides worksite assessments and assistive technology recommendations to assist employees with disabilities to live and work more independently; restores and sells durable medical equipment; and offers extensive AT training and professional development opportunities.

2012 Corporate Philanthropy Award

Hancock Pharmacy
When it comes to having a heart for the mission and a commitment to supporting the efforts of Oak Hill, Greg Hancock and his team at Hancock Pharmacy & Surgical exceed all expectations. In general, Greg’s generosity goes well beyond simply writing a check, it comes from the heart, and can easily go un-noticed simply because he is so humble.

Hancock PharmacyShirley Lyn, Wallingford-Hall Acres Group Home Manager, and Oak Hill Camp Director shared these thoughts about Oak Hill’s relationship with Hancock Pharmacy.

"For the past 6 years Greg has graciously allowed us to set up a Mother’s day plant sale in his store parking lot in Meriden, giving us the opportunity to earn anywhere from $450.00-$1000.00 in sales. During these plant sales, out of nowhere, pizza and drinks will be delivered for everyone. Then, as if he hasn’t done enough already he gives us a generous check as well! Every time I go into Hancock’s Pharmacy to pick up a medication or supply Greg will send me back to the group home with cases of Snapple. During the holidays he sends over more Snapple and “treats.” While at camp, I have ordered supplies that we plan to pick up when we get the chance, and all of the sudden we’ll see a Hancock’s vehicle arriving with our delivery, that’s more than 2 hours round trip! Then we never see a bill for those supplies, they are donated to the camp!"

In addition to the major gifts-in-kind, Hancock Pharmacy became a major corporate partner last year. We are grateful to Greg and Hancock Pharmacy for their commitment to Oak Hill and the people with disabilities that we serve.

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Oak Hill sets the standard, partnering with people with disabilities, to provide services and solutions promoting independence, education, health and dignity.