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Vocational, Job Placement & Volunteer Opportunities

Our Day Services program helps place adults (21 years or older) with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities in either paid or volunteer positions around Connecticut.

Hooker BrewParticipants gain valuable skills, increase their independence and enhance their self esteem. Many also earn a paycheck! Our committed staff provides all the necessary support, training and supervision to make our day services program work for both employees and employers.

Oak Hill Day Service Programs are contracted for and monitored by the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services (DDS). Oak Hill is a recognized private provider by the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Self-Determination Program (Comprehensive Waiver and Individual and Family Supports Waiver).

A Complete Job Placement Program

Supported Employment to train, place and support our participants.

This is not just a referral program. We have a full time job developer devoted to recruiting and maintaining employers. Oak Hill trains, places and assists each participant in our day services program, so that both the employee and the employer get the maximum benefit.

We Teach

Participants are paired with a job trainer and learn the skills needed for jobs such as landscaping, fulfillment services, packaging, mailing services, store stocking, maintenance and product assembly.

We Place

More than 30 employers in the Greater Hartford area employ Oak Hill Day Services participants. We can help you find a job that matches with your skills and abilities, often right in your own community.

For seniors, we can place provide less intensive volunteer and vocational positions that emphasize daily living skills; socialization; and community integration.

We Support

Once in the day program, participants receive ongoing training and counsel to help them grow in their position and to manage the day-to-day challenges of working in teams or on time-sensitive projects.

Employers Benefit from Disabled Workers

Our day services program provides a lasting benefit to the employers who participate.

"The Oak Hill Team has become an integral part of our operation here at The Thomas Hooker Brewery. In addition to their flexibility and pride in their work, the team has become a fundamental part of what makes our company unique."
Curt A. Cameron, President, Thomas Hooker Brewing Company

"For the past twenty years Oak Hill workers have been distributing The Renter's Directory over a thirty town radius west of the Connecticut River. Without their assistance the success of our business could not be possible."
Lew Stein, Publisher

"S&S is in the business of helping people play and learn. We have been working with Oak Hill for over four years and they have been packaging our activity kits to make it easy for our customers to use upon arrival at their site. The team at Oak Hill has consistently provided quality work even when under a tight deadline to meet our customer demand. "
Pat Bromley, Processing Manager for S&S Worldwide

Businesses Providing Work Opportunities for Oak Hill’s Program Participants in 2012

  • AAA Aircraft, Audet Property Management, Amerifit Brands ('i health, Inc'), Bay State Elevator, Belmont Springs Water Co., Condo Realty, Control Solutions, CT Dental Health Partnership, CW Resources, Envelopes & More, G & W Management, Giftcorp ('American Gourmet Group'), Grossman Marketing Group, Hospital For Special Care, Innovative Delivery Service, KP Management, Mystic Aquarium, Nathan Power & Co., LLP, Petco, ProxTalker.com LLC, Renters Directory, Rex Lumber Company, Salamander Design, Stew Leonard’s, S & S Worldwide, Thomas Hooker Brewing Co. LLC, Valley Bolt & Screw, Western CT Convention & Visitors Bureau, Vision Management Wethersfield Offset, Wal-Mart

Contact Us to Get Started

For more information, call A.J. Dunnack, Job Developer via email at alan.dunnack@OakHillCT.org or call 860 769 3850.

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Oak Hill sets the standard, partnering with people with disabilities, to provide services and solutions promoting independence, education, health and dignity.